“...a sense of gratitude shines through the music like crinkled light through cracked blinds. This artist has lived his pain and earned his transcendence…” -Richard Allen, A Closer Listen

" Couture’s serene cinematic tunes are perfect for relaxing to. I’ve played it often in the evenings lately, and find Lower Tones helps me to unwind brilliantly at the end of a busy day. It’s the soundtrack to sitting curled up in a warm blanket with a steaming mug clasped between your hands. " -Joseph James, Will Not Fade

"When music and sensations come together, harmonious arcs of feeling and passion are created. Composer Brad Couture has mastered this discipline, as if he had never written anything else on the sheet of music.... If you like to drift, on a wave of endless romance with melancholic sails, Lower Tones is the ideal companion" -André Schönauer, Tidal Current Music Magazine

Hours alone. Low lights, late nights, and soft melodies.

This is how NH-born composer Brad Couture crafts his music from start to finish -  writing, playing, recording, and mixing all his own material in the isolation of his studio. From the first hammer strike on piano string, to the last synthesizer wrapping up all in a warm blanket, his sonic structures are constructed with care -  emotionally inspired and acoustically defined.

From the sparse, ambient piano arrangements stretching to full orchestral swells backed by chiming guitars, his melodically driven songs weave uplifting crescendos with melancholic introspection to paint cinematic soundscapes.

With the release of Brad’s new album, Lower Tones, Brad has drawn additional inspiration from neo-classical styles of composition, replacing some the roaring guitars and pounding drums of previous releases with the gentle swells of ambient noise and solo cello. Lower Tones provides the perfect atmosphere to plug in earphones, and unplug from the world.

Lower Tones

1.) Chasing Echoes Home

2.) Thermals

3.) Driving Through Golden Hour

4.) The Theater Empties Out

5.) All You Leave Behind

6.) Meris

7.) Phosphene Daze

8.) Restland

9.) A Look In the Mirror

10.) Pageturn

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